NBA 2K12- MyPlayer Preview

I’m not sure how it works, but it seems like we will be able to create our own jumpshot for our players. Ronnie2K posted a photo and an update hinting at this. 

The goal of my player has changed. They have a new system that will allow us to quickly play through an entire NBA season by only playing key games. I will probably do that after my rookie season. I will also be making a my player for each position and use this technique to get through the seasons quicker. 

We will have contracts and a salary that we can use to improve our skills, donate to charity, or throw parties for our team. Team chemistry and media image can be manipulated this way.- via Smoove7182954 

When Nike gives you a call at midnight, you know it’s something good. With just a few hours notice Nike flew me out to LA for “a big announcement.” When they won’t tell you what it is until you get there, you know it’s something bigger than a new colorway of Dunks.

Upon arriving in the room, I found a box waiting for me with an iPod Shuffle with a personal message from Dr. Emmett Brown:

“Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some SERIOUS SH*T!”

Inside the box was an invite from to “IT’S ABOUT TIME…an unveiling that could change the course of time” as well as metal shield glasses.

The table of goodies that included mid 80′s candy, Throwback Pepsi (forumla from 1985), and a copy ofBack To The Future all but confirmed the suspicions.

About a year ago we shared with you these documents of the Marty McFly Nike Air Mag shoes registered with the US Patent Office.

It looks like we’re getting closer to 2015 than we thought!